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Lula Johnson's newly released "Not the Usual Sin" is a compelling spiritual memoir that showcases a shocking twist of fate.

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"Not the Usual Sin" from Christian Faith Publishing author Lula Johnson is an engaging look into the author's key personal and spiritual moments that will shock and inspire.

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"Not the Usual Sin": a potent and deeply personal memoir. "Not the Usual Sin" is the creation of published author Lula Johnson, native of Georgia who has nine children and an undisclosed number of grandchildren. She is a licensed cosmetologist with an associate degree in business entrepreneurship.

Johnson shares, "A telltale memoir with a dramatic twist in this nonfiction spiritual saga that was uniquely written from a spiritual perspective other than the natural.

Unwind as I attempt the impossible task of describing a spiritual pang that exceeds man's typically natural ability to perceive it. These writings display an account of events that happened in my life as God unveils the truth in reference to the occurrences of those events. These have been recorded by me with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, who have shown me those events from a spiritual perspective.

"It unveils the astounding truth as recorded in Ephesians 6:12. It is a book that everyone in the world should read because in it you will see the true God, the creator of the heavens and earth, as you saw him in the Bible. It entails a higher power exceeding beyond man's natural existence.

"I was brought into a marriage like one that had taken place over six thousand years ago in the garden as recorded in the book of Genesis. I saw God as I saw him in the Garden of Eden and in the book of Ester. And I have undergone a painful and indescribable spiritual hurt of which Joseph in the Old Testament could relate.

"You will see God do an act in my life that was one that he had done in times of old in the life of King David. It openly establishes truth in relation to the living God who is sovereign over the subtotal of his creation, causing skeptics to reconsider their uncertainty relating to God's word.

"These writings might prove to be out of the ordinary as the content of these writings is a result of the puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes while it was all divinely orchestrated for these times."

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